Top 10 Unknown Things About Taylor Swift

Top 10 Unknown Facts about Pop singer Taylor Swift, She is the most beautiful Popular & talented singer, songwriter, Dancer & actress, and her favorite number is 13.

Top 10 Unknown Things about Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift her full name is Taylor Alison Swift is a most beautiful and talented singer, she was in the list of top 10 popular singers in the world.

1. She was started her singing career very young age, Singing from age of 14 years, she is the only girl who's stated singing career young age in a world.

2. she writes songs from her own experience, which has been happening in her life that became a sensation.

3. Taylor is most talented and award-winning singer from America, she an American pop singer, she is quite popular in the world.

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4. She wrote 250 pages of the novel when she was 12 years of age.

5. Taylor inspired and created interest from her grandmother's mother who is a professional opera singer, That makes Taylor a singer.

6. She started singing in local events, Concern, churches, and different places at the age of 10.

7. She is most Attalented, the age of 12 she learns musical keyboard and later she learns the electrical guitar, piano, and more musical instruments.

8. Taylor Swift created a world record her albums download by 20 million users, no other singer has.

9. She owns an 8 bedroom house in Rode Island, Coastal watch hill, She is the owner of the private jet  "Dassault Burguet Mystere falcon-900", she purchased it for $40 million.

10. Taylor Swift was the artist who won a Grammy award at a young when she was 20 years old.

Taylor swift favorite book is a "To Kill Mockingbird" one of her best.

She was dated many guys some of them are singers, actors, and friends.

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She is the most talented & intelligent singer, Her hard work dedication made her star and popular and beat singer in the World.
Popular Singer Taylor Swift
Most interesting top facts 10 about Taylor Swift, her lifestyle and inspiring story of Taylor Swift, how she started her singing career, how she built an Empire.

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