Top 5 Super Heroes Movies From Marvel studio's & Marvel Comics

Here is the list of top 5 Best Super Heroes from Marvel Studio's & marvel Comic, Every Superhero from Marvel has Unique Style of acting skills, They are the best and Popular super hero's, They are the strongest, Powerful and Popular marvel superheroes in the world.

Marvels super heroes

Marvel studio is also Known as Marvel Films is an American based Film and Television studio, They are the creators comic, Super Hero & fiction characters, Marvel studio is Subsidiary of "The Walt Disney" is an oldest film and television company, It is the Oldest studio on the world

Marvel Studio, Marvel Entertainments, Marvel Comic, They will Make movies, Design, and publish comic stories.

Marvel LLC will make Television shows, Publish Comic Books, Movies, Creates comic Series, Create superhero characters.

Each character was Designed by Marvel Studio has More than 7000 characters in their Library, they have 50,000 if we Count all Characters including with Hero's, Villain
''s, Mutants and other Journal Characters.

Stan Lee (Stanley Martin Lieber) is an American Comic book writer, He the Creator And Gave Birth to Most of the hero's and Comic character's in marvel studio's, He created more than 100 characters in a marvel comic.

Top 5 List of Marvel Heroes Character loved by peoples around the world, Most Popular and lovable characters in the Planet, There is no age limit for love of the super hero's Which I listed below from 5 years kids to 60 older people would love them, Just Comment your Favorite Superhero. Why you love them

Marvel comics superheroes

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1. Iron man: Tony Stark ("Robert Downey") Iron man Movies and Toys

Iron Man Was the First movie which was released in 2008, An the name of the Iron man Her is Tony Stark, Iron man Has 3 Parts, "Robert Downey" Played a charter of Tony Stark on Iron Man Series. Iron Man Super Hero Character will be seen in "The Avengers" series, In The Avengers End Game Series Iron Man Was Dead.

Tony Stark is an Industrialist and the Owner of Stark Group, after his father died he owns the Company, Successfully Runs the company, He will supply arms to US Governments.

Tony Stark is a Scientist who designs many arms in the stark group, One day while he traveling for a conference Unexpected he was attacked by terrorists and they kidnapped him, He is Seriously injured, He Lives with Small Gadget which Equipped to him oh His Heart, Then he will design Iron Man Suit 

He sees all His Arm were illegally used by Terrorists, Terrorists asked tony to design a Missile and Manufactures them, But Tony Will Design an Iron Man arm, By Using this Arm he escapes from that place.

Then he makes real Iron Man Suit, He will Test the Gadget but fails, Number of time he fails, Finally tony Got Success and He made it and Flew with it, Now the Iron Man Became Hero. 

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2. Spider-Man: Peter Parker(Pet) Spider-man Movies and Toy

Spider-man is a fictional Superhero Created and Designed by "Stan Lee", he is the man who gave birth to spiderman.

Spider-man is an Old fictional character, Spiderman is comic books & comic Stories, 1980 We have Spiderman television animation shows were telecaster in Cartoon Network & Disney Channels Now You can watch in kids channels

In the Spider-Man movie we have 3 Series, First Series we have 3 movies, second Series we have 2 movies, the third series we have 2 movies and appeared in 2 avenger series

Top 5 Super Heroes Movies From Marvel studio's & Marvel Comics

>Spider Man
First Series Sam Raimi was a director for 3 films "Tobey Maguire" Played a "Peter Parker" character in Spiderman, Tobey Maguire was the first spider man and first Spiderman movie in 2002, Spiderman 2 in 2004 and last part of the series Spiderman 3 release on 2007

>The Amazing Spider-man Series 2
The Amazing Spider-Man was the second series form spider man," Andrew Garfield" played the role of Peter Parker in a "The Amazing Spiderman", We have two parts first The amazing spider man was released in 2012 and amazing spider man 2 was released in 2014.

>Spider Man Series -3 (They Had an agreement with marvel studios)

Tom Holland is the third spider man, This time "Tom Holland" Acted in spider man 2 movies & 3rd movie is filming, Movies list "Spider-Man Home Coming" in 2017 and "Spider-Man Far from Home" in 2019 and Avengers series & Captain America

He was acted in Captain America Civil War 2016, Avengers Infinity war in 2017, and Avengers end game in 2019, These are the list of Non-Spider man Movies Spiderman acted in.

Spider-man this time he appeared in The Avengers series, Tony Stark (Iron Man) designed a new special spider man suit for Peter Parker.

Tom Holland Will act in a few more spider man movies with the same series, we have to weight until released.  

3. Captain America: Steve Rogers(Chris Evans) CaptainAmerica Movies and Suit

Captain America is an American based superhero movie, and the name of the hero is "Captain America", Special we have to know about his Suit and Shield, I love Captain America suit and his bikes, Harley Davidson fls Softail slim used in Captain America the first avenger in 2011, Harley-Davidson Street 750 used in captain America Civil war

Steve Roger the man who played the role of Captain America, Steve Roger appeared in Avenger series of movies and 
>Captain America The First Avenger 2011
>Captain America the winter soldier in 2014
>Captain America the Civil War in 2016

Steve Roger was appeared in "The avengers Series", This movie was based on Word war 2
> The Avengers
> The avenger's age of Ultron
> The avengers end game

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4. Thor: Asgard(Chris Hemsworth)  Thor Movies and Toys

Sam Raimi, He is the man developed the film "thor" Superhero Character, He was the director for many Movies in Marvels studios including Spider-man series 1, Thor 

"Chris Hemsworth" Played a super Hero Character in "thor" series of movie's, Thor is a superhero film and his powers are in his hammer.

> Thor: The Dark World was Released in 2013, this was the first Part from Thor series
> Thor: Ragnarok was the second part of thor film which was released in 2017
> Thor: Love and Thunder was the 3rd Part from Thor Series, This Movie scheduled to release on 2022

THOR was acted in few Series of The Avenger movies, He was the part of avengers series, Many of Superheroes have appeared in Avenger's end Game.
>Thor on The Avenger in Infinity Game
>Thor on The Avengers End Game

5. The Hulk: Bruce Burner (Hulk Films, Hulk Video Game, Hulk Cartoons Series ) Hulk Resource

Hulk is an American Based Super Hero Movie and Comic book, HULK Is super Hero Character belongs to marvel studios and marvel comic, When he is in angry he will be hulk with a huge body When he cools he will be normal.

Bruce Burner is a Scientist university professor, how he became as Hulk, He will Do some experiment on Him, In that process, he is the hulk,

Mark Ruffalo Played a Character of Bruce Burner Charter in the film Hulk, In this series, we have two movies The First one is "Hulk" was Released in 2003, the second film was "The Incredible Hulk" released in 2008.

Hulk on The Avengers series
HULK was in The avenger's age of Ultron
Hulk was in The avenger's infinity war
Hulk was in The avenger's End game

Best Top Super Heroes films from Marvel comics
Everyone was a fan of top 5 Marvel superheroes Listed above, I wish everyone like's this article about marvel heroes, Comment your valuable opinion in a comment box below, share this article on social media.

Please Comment Your Favorite Marvel Super Hero, Why do you love the specific superhero, write few things about him

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