Top 10 things to know About Jennifer Connelly.

Here the top 10 interesting news about Jennifer Connelly.

Jennifer Connelly is a popular Hollywood actress, she is a very popular actress from the 80's and 90’s period.

Jennifer Connelly was born in 1970 Cairo, New york. She began her acting career when she was 14 years old. Her Debut in 1984 and the movie is “Once upon a time in America” as a child artist.

Top 10 things to know About Jennifer Connelly.

Jennifer Connelly is the most beautiful actress, especially because she looks lovely with her beautiful cheeks in her early 80’s and 90’s.

Here are a few top 10 Movies of Jennifer Connelly.

Inventing The Abbotts (1997)

Inventing The Abbotts is a 90’s drama movie about two families, she played a minor character in this movie. You can see love, romance drama in Inventing The Abbotts.

Both Jennifer Connelly and Phoenix's performance was great, they gave their best on their roles.  You will enjoy 2 hours of movie.

The Rocketeer (1997)

 Jennifer Connelly played the role of Jenny Blake. Her Relationship with the title character Rocketeer is the most important part in the movie.

Hulk (2003)

Hulk is the superhero movie, hulk character is the comic super hero.Jennifer Connelly plays a role of Betty Ross, lover of protagonist Bruce Banner.

Dark City (1998)

Dark city is a different kind of movie, Story about an innocent man's journey from unexpected killings. 

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Career Opportunities (1991)

This is the funniest rom com movie. Career Opportunities is a 90's comedy entertainer, where  Jennifer Connelly was stuck in Walmart with a boy, who is working at the store.

Both were enjoying themselves in the store, unexpected thieves enter the store, they both try to escape from the thieves. Unfortunately both were caught by thieves. Entire story revolves between thieves and Jennifer Connelly.

Blood Diamond (2006)

Blood Diamond is an action drama movie full of war scenes. Story between Local fisherman and smuggler and finding diamonds.

You can see Jennifer Connelly in an out and out action sequence, she plays an American journalist character.

House of Sand and Fog (2003)

House of Sand and Fog is a psychological drama movie with full Complex Emotions. Jennifer Connelly plays the leading role. The story of an Iranian man moves into Jennifer Connelly's old home after wrongfully evicted.

Top 10 things to know About Jennifer Connelly.Requiem For Dream (2000)

The Character Sara becomes addicted to her weight loss pills, Entire story revolves around physical and mental health.

Labyrinth (1986)

Iconic family adventure Movie is about the story of teen girl sarah, and her journey through a magical maze to reclaim her brother from grasp of the goblin King.

A Beautiful Mind (2001)

A Beautiful Mind is a romantic love story, a story of a mathematical genius who suffers mental illness and drives their professional and personal life at risk.

There were more awesome great movies by Jennifer Connelly. She is not only a beautiful actress, she is also a talented actress who has acted in different types of roles in her acting career.

Conclusion: These are not only the best movies of Jennifer Connelly, There were many more best movies of Jennifer Connelly. Top gun Maverick is the recent Jennifer Connelly movie.

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