Slama Hayek Interesting & Hidden Screats

Salma Hayek is Mos beautiful and Dusky Hollywood Actress. she is a american mexican actress.

Slama Hayek Interesting & Hidden Screat

In Her acting career she has been acted in different roles, Even she acted nakedly in many movies, acted in many performance oriented movies and action adventurus movies.

She acted many jonor, She played roled of lover, girl frined, romantic scenes, adventure scenes, most Evil Characters and Negative Villain Role.

Few Most Popular movie dusky beauty Slama Hayek.

1. Desperado played bookstore owner, she fall in love with gangster (Antonio Banderas) and assit him to defeat Bucho Gang. in this movie fight scenes are incridible, According to my knowledge Guitar guns are introduced from this movie.

2. From Dusk Till Dwan : This Movie is a to action horror comdey drama movie, you see salma hayek more beautiful and hotter in this movie. Her role is small big impact is big.

3.Eternals: is movie based on comic, Eternal is a comic character, Eternal is under Marvel cinematic universe, Her Character name is Ajax, she is the leader of the team.

4. Once Upon a Time in Mexico : This Movie also followed by Desperado, this movie almost similar to Desperado, Movie almost same characters but story will change.

5. The Hitman's Bodyguard : Is most adventurs and action movie, this time along with salma hayek played girl friend to hitman (Samuel Jackson). Entire movie revolves around Slama Hayek, Ryam Reynolds, Samuel Jackson.

6. Bandidas : In this movie we can see 2 beautfiul actress with hot action performance. Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek were killed with their performance, The train sequence is my favourite scene.

Conclusion: These are the few interesting and popular salma hayek movies which i love to watch. There were many other super hit movies are there, but among them i shortlisted these movies. 

I think i have covered every thing, if i missed any slama hayek movies please do comment. Ill update them.

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Slama Hayek Interesting & Hidden Screat

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