Interesting facts about monica bellucci - Hollywood Actress

The Interesting facts about monica bellucci, Popular Hollywood actress and model.

Interesting facts about monica bellucci - Hollywood Actress

Today Ill give you brief about monica bellucci. How she became an actress, how she began acting career.

Early Life Monica Bellucci

Her full name is "Monica Anna Maria Bellucci" but we call her Monica Bellucci, she was born 30th September 1964 in Italy.

Monica bellucci is an Italian actress and mode, monica bellucci began career as fashion model, Later she acted in Italian movies and American movies(Hollywood movies). 

Monica bellucci has acted in Italian Films, French Films and  American movies. she is the most popular and well known Hollywood actress.

Monica Bellucci Acting Career

She began her acting career in 1992 with a romantic film "Bran Stoker's Dracula", and in 2002 monica bellucci acted in Italian romantic drama movie "Malena", this movie made her most popular actress. "Malena" is in English language, one of the best monica bellucci movie.

There were movie huge list of monica bellucci, Later she was acted in movies, Web series, and hosted reality shows. monica bellucci has 2 films, they may release soon.

Marriages of Monica Bellucci

She married to Claudio Carlos Basso in 1990 and divorced in 1992, and married the French actor "Vincent Cassel" in 1999 and divorced, as per Wikipedia, She has 2 children

In her acting she achieved many awards and rewards with her acting career.

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