Interesting Facts about Robert Downey.JR Facts (Iron Man)

We are going to know and an interesting story about Robert Downer JR facts popularly known as "Iron Man" a superhero Marvel Cinematic University, Played a role of Tony Stark in Iron Man Movie Franchise and acted in Few Avenger Series and played the tony stark character in few spider movie series.

Two Side of Robert Downey.jr facts, Dark side and bright side of Robert Downey.jr net with,

Robert Downey Jr Iron Facts

Robert Downey. Jr facts (Iron Man) He was born into Rich Family, Early life he was addicted to drugs, He was Julie for Consuming Drugs, Cops were treated him like a slave, Cops slapped him in jail, How he succeeds in his life

The inspiring story of Robert Downey JR Facts You Don't Know About Him

Robert John Downey. Jr is a Hollywood actor, is an American Actor, Producer, and Singer, Now entire world recognizes him as the "iron man" of the world, Complete Story of Robert Downey Jr, How he started and became successful in his career, What was his har time, He was addicted to drugs, How he gave up the drugs, Multiple time's he was in Prison.

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Early Life Struggles

Robert Downey JR born in America, His father "Robert Downey Sr" was a filmmaker and anchor, His mother "Elsi Anne" was an actress who appeared in Robert Downey Sr films.

Robert Downey was live a place where drugs surrounded him, His father was addicted to drugs and allowed his son to consume drugs at the age of six, There he started an addiction to drugs.

Multiple times Downey and his father both have drugs alcohol, once his father told him the man behind his son's drug addiction.

Robert Downer JR in Prison

Downey JR Jailed for Having drugs, At a very young age, He faced many struggles in his life he crossed every obstacle, now he is one of the highest-paid actors in the world and few of his films were highest grosser in the world

Downey JR acted as a child artist in a movie that was made by His father Downey SR, He was acted in many of his father's films.

His Life is Similar to Sanjay Dutt who is a Bollywood actor who was addicted to drugs and Having cases holding guns without a license, Many allegations against him.

In the Year 1996, He was arrested for Possession of the Heroin

From 1996 to 2001 He faces many allegations, He went to prison, arrested for possession of women, He arrested for Cusiming drugs.

Still 2003 He struggled with Multiple problems, he was a prisoner for Aligation with a co-star, many things hit his career button down.

2003 Downey JR met their present wife Suan Nicole Downey is an American film producer, Later They were married in 2005.

Downey JR Life changed from 2003, He was acted in TV Shows. Movies, He is a singer

You won't know more about Robert Downey Jr Read His Books>>

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The life story of Downey JR facts about Filmography

In the Year 2004, Downey JR Released His first music album "The Futurist" by Sony Classic

In the Year 2008 Iron Man Movie Series was started, and Later appeared in "The Avengers"

He played Tony Stark's character in blockbuster films like Iron Man and The Avenger Movies Series.

 Now Transformation of Robert Downey.JR facts 
  • Robert Downey.JR was born in a Rich family, His father was a director.
  • He was surrounded by Drugs and Alcohol.
  • At a very young age, he was edited to drugs and bad habits.
  • His father habituated him to alcohol.
  • He was punished and sent to Prison for consuming drugs.
  • Two times he was in Prison.
  • He Crossed all huddles & came out of editions.
  • He gave up all his bad habits.
  • Now he was the highest-paid actor in Hollywood, His movie Iron Man was Highest Grosser in the world.
  • He was the highest-paid actor after Iron Man.
  • In 2015, He was the highest-paid actor in the world $80 million 
  • He is 3rd highest-paid actor in 2020 with $81 million
  • His Net worth is $300 Million US Dollars.
  • Now he is enjoying Stardom and living a luxurious life.

Robert Downer.Jr Movie List 

iron man  Robert Downer JR

Avenger, Avenger Infinity war, Avenger End Game Tony Stark Character was Dead.

Iron Man Franchise has 3 movies, Each and every part has a unique storyline, Iron Man 3 was one of the highest grosses in the world,

He was appeared in few spider man movies, To help spider-man, Acted in 3rd series of spider man movies.

Sherlock homes are series, Acted in Sherlock Home Series, He acted in a total of 2 movies on the "Sherlock Holmes" Series.

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Unknown Facts about Robert Downey.JR (Iron Man)


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